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Mar 1, 2018

Few people truly understand the economic trends and forces that are at work in the world, constantly influencing the planning, decision-making and profitability of business leaders everywhere. In this week’s Modern Farm Business™ podcast, Dean sheds some light on the world of economics with his guest, Dr. Matt Roberts.

Matt Roberts is founder of The Kernmantle Group, an economics research and training consultancy. Dr. Roberts is a nationally-renowned expert and speaker on the grain and energy markets. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, and Forbes, and has been interviewed on CNBC. Roberts received a B.A. in Economics from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, and a Ph.D. in Economics from North Carolina State University. Prior to graduate school Roberts worked as a commodity and energy derivatives broker in Vienna, Austria and as a market research consultant to the pharmaceutical industry in North Carolina. From 2001 through 2016, Roberts was an Assistant and Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at The Ohio State University. He is an active speaker, appearing approximately 50 times per year around the nation on grain, petroleum, and biofuels markets, and is also an active consultant to the commodity industry.

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