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Aug 23, 2018

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life. Mark is an international bestselling author and noted expert on leadership, team building, customer service and change. In addition to his work as a business educator and author, Mark is an active leadership practitioner, including having served as the president of the National Speakers Association, which honored him with its highest member accolade, the Cavett Award, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the speaking profession. Mark is also a member of the exclusive Speakers Roundtable, made up of 20 of the top speakers in America.

Mark’s video series Team Building: How to Motivate and Manage People made it to the #2 spot for bestselling educational video series in the USA. Mark is the author of eight books, including the bestseller The Fred Factor: How Passion In Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary which has sold more than 1.6 million copies internationally and its sequel, Fred2.0: New Ideas on How to Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results. His latest book is The Potential Principle.

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  • The Fred Factor: How Passion In Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary. 2004. Crown Business.
  • You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere, Can Make a Positive Difference. 2006. Crown Business.
  • The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do. 2008. Crown Business.
  • Up, Down, or Sideways: How to Succeed When Times Are Good, Bad, or in Between. 2011. Tyndale House Publishers.
  • Fred 2.0: New Ideas on How to Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results. 2013. Tyndale House Publishers.
  • The Potential Principle. 2017. Thomas Nelson.

All available for order now on Mark’s author page at Exclusive discounted, autographed book & DVD bundle at!

Passion fuels the process of achieving a great life and becoming an effective leader. There are four kinds of passion, one of which you must find in your life:

  1. Passion about what you do
  2. Passion about how you do it
  3. Passion about why you do it
  4. Passion about whom you do it for

Sometimes the tank can run empty or a person starts to lose their passion for certain activities. That person might need to:

  • Accept it, move on and find something different to ignite their passion
  • Take a hiatus to rest, regain their health and refocus
  • Examine what originally brought passion to that subject for them, and farm out some other responsibilities so they can concentrate on doing what they love

Leaders always strive to make things better for themselves and others. Managers maintain the status quo. Leaders aim higher for their teams.

Confront problems, not people. Problems are not solved by risking a damaged relationship. We always gain more by being soft on the person and hard on the problem.

“Busyness” is the anesthesia of the ineffective leader. Activity does not equate to productivity; it’s not about how much time we put in—it’s how much we got done.

The key to improvement is in risking disappointment. Everyone begins as a beginner. We can learn to do anything. We might never be an expert, but we can learn.

Intentional leadership is being crystal clear on what one is trying to accomplish, and taking consistent action every day to accomplish it.

The Disruption Question: “Who or what in your life needs to be disrupted?” If you don’t disrupt a disruptor, it will come back to disrupt you.

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