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Aug 10, 2017

Join Dean as he walks through the four key phases for building a strategy that helps farms to find and select great employees.

Before we begin, bear this in mind: The cost of hiring the wrong person can be 1.5 to 10x their annual salary!

I. FOUNDATION - What you need to do before setting out to find great people
1. Be clear on your farm’s VALUES (Modern Farm Business episode 002)
2. Define your EMPLOYEE GAME PLAN (Modern Farm Business episode 005)

II. CLARIFICATION of the role is the first phase in the process of finding great people.
1. WHAT are the most important responsibilities of the role?
2. HOW are the duties to be performed?
3. DISTILL the above lists further:
- TOP FIVE most important contributions to the farm
- THREE critical attributes to fill the role
4. FEATURES of the role...What makes it attractive?

III. COMMUNICATION is the second phase. It’s about getting the word out about your open position.
1. ACTIVE path - The leader is proactive in spreading the word and recruiting for this role. Remember the phrases “Who do you know?” and “Where might I find...?”
2. PASSIVE path - Leader posts the ad where it might be seen by candidates. Online/newspaper/community bulletin board, etc. Keep it simple, clear and attractive.

IV. SELECTION is the third phase. Have a consistent, simple process to vet candidates for likelihood of success in the role.
1. At minimum, a basic APPLICATION process
2. Establish an INTERVIEW format and process
3. Approach relevant work REFERENCES
4. Define a process for making an OFFER and establishing EXPECTATIONS

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