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Jul 28, 2017

Being successful with employees on the farm isn't an accident. In this episode Dean covers four key pieces of the Employee Game Plan to improve the farm leader's decision-making around their employee strategy.


4 KEY ELEMENTS to keep in mind for building and maintaining a good employee strategy on the farm:


  1. NEED - Evaluating current and future needs of the farm for labor as well as capabilities. Balancing the needs of the farm now and in years to come with a possible labor shortage and finding people to grow with the enterprise.


  1. FIT - Finding the type of person you'd like to have on your team. Identifying the attitudes, values, competencies and other factors that would fit the candidate for each role. "What you can expect out of a person in the role."


  1. LEADERSHIP - Evaluation of self and the farm's capacity for leadership. Looking at employees as an opportunity for teamwork and leadership development vs. employees as a burden. The anxiety and attitudes of a leader impacts employee behavior and the workplace environment.


  1. OUR MARKET - What is the regional hiring and employment pool environment honestly like? Who's out there? What competencies and skills do they offer? What are compensation norms for the area? Don't get stuck in "If I just..." mentality. Turn geographical challenges into a competitive advantage.