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Feb 15, 2018

Recruiting and hiring is one of the top challenges not only for farms, but for every business looking to grow. In this episode, Dean covers seven tools for improving your selection results.

For many businesses and farms, a key constraint to growth isn’t capital—it’s having the right people. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with farm leaders from across the Midwest—and it seems no matter who I talk to, wherever they’re from is “the toughest place you can imagine to find good talent.” The flip side of that is I’ve been around business leaders from cities across the country and their same complaint is, “How do we find talent?” But rather than spending their time consoling themselves about how hard it is to find talent, the best leaders tackle the issue a bit differently. Today we’re going to get into some of the elements of businesses that are successful in building the strongest teams.

1. Know yourself honestly
2. Understand needs clearly
3. Think creatively
4. Grow your pool prolifically
5. Select your team judiciously
6. On-board intentionally
7. Engage diligently: Autonomy, Mastery, Meaning

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