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Dec 28, 2017

What separates family businesses that succeed from those that don’t? Bryan Dodge, author, speaker and consultant, joins Dean to share his perspective on principles that make a difference.

Bryan Dodge is one of America’s foremost experts in the field of selling and personal development. His 29 years of experience teaching and inspiring people of all walks of life to reach their full potential has made him one of the nation’s leading choices as a professional speaker and trainer for corporate events, conferences, and conventions. He incorporates experiences from his professional and personal life into each one of his presentations.
For eight years Bryan was the host of the “Build a Better You” radio program. The show aired on Dallas/Fort Worth’s premier radio station, KLIF570 every Sunday and has been featured on WBAP as well as No Boundaries Business Radio. During his show Bryan reached out to his audience, inspiring them to strive for their goals and aspirations.
Bryan probably holds the record for being the busiest communicator in America. His inspirational keynotes cover professional development, success habits of the wealthy, team-building and leadership principles, negotiating skills, and much more. The underlying thesis of all of Bryan’s teachings is that “Life is too short not to be happy, and life is too long not to do well.” His programs are designed to accelerate professional/personal growth, and produce the favorable results people look for in life.
Bryan is an accomplished author and has also published audio CDs and DVDs of his personal and professional development content. His latest book, The Principles of an Unstoppable Family Business, is now available for pre-order on

Becoming the Obvious Choice. Cornerstone Leadership Institute. 2001. Buy it at
The Good Life Rules: 8 Keys to Being Your Best at Work and at Play. McGraw-Hill. 2009. Buy it at

See a full summary of the Q&A with Bryan in the attached show notes PDF or at

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