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Welcome to the home of the Modern Farm Business® podcast, hosted weekly by Dean Heffta. Modern Farm Business translates proven methods and best practices from the business arena to today's modern farm leadership environment. We'll be learning from forward-thinking experts and discovering how to apply time-tested techniques to make real improvements on the farm.

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Oct 26, 2017

Dean covers approaches for improving your lender strategy, joined by ag lender Jason Peterson. Jason Peterson is Senior Vice President and Ag Commercial Lender at Bell Bank in West Fargo, North Dakota. Jason enjoys working with the local community, assisting people with their finances and forging relationships...

Oct 19, 2017

Dean covers basic financial ratios with insights from ag finance specialist Tim Brhel.

Business is a three-legged stool:

1. Make things
2. Sell those things
3. Count what’s happening

William Bruce Cameron (Sociologist, wrote Informal Sociology):
“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that...

Oct 12, 2017

MFB016 - Eliminating generational frustration w/Cam Marston

Generational expert and author, Cam Marston, joins Dean to discuss strategies for managing generational differences.

Cam Marston is the leading expert on generational change and its impact on the workplace and marketplace. As an...

Oct 5, 2017

Hear how you can better tell farming’s story as author, speaker and leading “ag-vocate” Michele Payn joins Dean on this week’s episode.

Michele Payn is a born-and-raised farm girl who grew to be one of North America’s leading experts in connecting farm and food. In 2001 she founded Cause...