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Sep 7, 2017

Dean dives into tools for understanding one’s own genius, the genius of the people on one’s team and the needs of the business.

GENIUS: Exceptional in some particular aspect

What a leader is great at and what the farm needs for success might not necessarily coincide.

BUSINESS SUCCESS: Ability to sustainably compete or to continually increase efficiency and profitability over time.

Growth is not a measure of success of a business; it’s a natural outcome that often results from success.

FARM’S NEEDS: What are the things this business needs to do in order to be a leader in low-cost production?


  1. What areas do I find most enjoyable or rewarding?
  2. What areas exhaust me most easily when doing?


  1. Who is on the team? Who else is moving the farm forward?
  2. Where do they find their genius?

“What can I do?” ~ John G. Miller

The farm is a SYSTEM. It cannot get by with sole concentration on the areas you enjoy. Imbalance leads to a fragile farm.

Carol Dweck (psychologist, Stanford University):

FIXED MINDSET - Born with fixed traits such as intelligence and talent, and we don’t necessarily learn new things so much as uncover hidden—yet already fixed—aspects of our makeup. Talent alone creates success.

GROWTH MINDSET - We can learn new things and skills through dedication and hard work. Brains and talent are a starting point rather than limiting factors.

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